LAUNCHING in KENYA during 2021


Available For Business, Homes, VIP's or Valued Transport.

Hire reliable well trained private security.

Kiasi gani?

U.S. Global company, C4G SECURITY, allows Kenyan's to hire, local, well-trained security from their mobile devices. See your guard and hear your guard as you listen to their recorded Click4Guards greeting. Highly vetted, reliable and well trained African & ex-pat guards are managed by advanced C4G technology and our world class security & intelligence specialists. Now everyone has access to reliable security available in East Africa, Click4Guards.


Well trained Private Security in Kenya

Led, in Africa, by a highly decorated 30 year (retired) U.S. Marine Corp Colonel who led & trained security forces at the Nairobi U.S. Embassy, Click4Guards is a talented Global Private Security Company. We are now expanding throughout East Africa bringing our world class leadership, technology and effective training & resource management to the region.

C4G will provide well trained and reliable security for you, your business, home and family. We also specialize in maritime security, peacekeepers, drone security, and advanced security for mining operations and VIP's. Our State-of-the-Art command post ensures we respond using coordinated realtime information; that's precisously what Kenyan's, businesses, tourist, and travelers need.

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C4G is coming to NAIROBI

Guard Pricing

There's a Click4Guard for everyone

C4G (unarmed) 2200 KES /per day

Booked directly thru

C4G Black (armed) 3800 KES /per day

May not be available in country.

C4G Special Forces 5800 KES /per day

Managed by our C4G senior intelligence coordinator.

C4G Scheduled Services TBD /Month

Regularly scheduled private security services.